Monday, June 6, 2011


I see you, though you’re not really there
I feel your touch as you caress my hair
I feel your body entwine with mine
I dream of you and lose the time
I feel your arms with love surround me
Love must be blind, for I cannot see
Your voice, it wakes inside of me
I startle, and look around to see
“Your love for me is the best I’ve known”
You have my heart, but I’m forever alone…
-by me

(I made this up in like 10 minutes, so please forgive how bad it sucks)
Originally written 5/31/11


  1. You came up with this in 10mins?!

    It's really good :-)

  2. Yep, 10 minutes...that's how I've always come up with my poems, 5-20 minutes...n thanks so much!

  3. Wow, thats very impressive. 10 minutes eh? Damn girl, very good!

  4. I am such a slow writer - I spend more time thinking than writing!

    I never know how to start

  5. It all starts with a lil thought for me...I write it down n go from there...