Sunday, June 5, 2011


Trying to find an old poem I posted on tumblr in March, April, or May...I don't remember what month, n I don't even remember if I posted a pic with it or not!! N if I did post a pic with it, even what kind of pic I woulda posted it with!! Old age sucks! Lmao

Anyway, this is my blog, n there may be some crazy stuff here...think I'm gonna see about the over 18 thing, so I don't get into trouble...

Anyway, I can't promise you'll like everything, or even anything...but I appreciate you checkin it out...also, I type how I talk n think, mostly-so I don't wanna hear any crap about my grammar or spelling! I know how to speak n spell properly, I just choose not to!

Thanks for stoppin by!


  1. I have stopped by and read - just posting to let you know you have a reader and a commenter.

    K :-)